Sunday, May 29, 2011


Kindergarten has been learning how to read a graph. To introduce the unit, The children were given a picture of an eye and had to color it whatever eye color they have. After they were done, we made a graph on the board. On the side of the graph was the number of students present that day and on the bottom was the various choices of eye color. One by one each child came up and placed their eye picture in the column that read their color. After the graph was complete, we were able to read the graph and see that the dominant eye color in our class is brown.

Kindergarten also graphed their favorite color. Each child was handed a picture of a crayon box and colored it their favorite color. When they were done we made a graph and placed each box on it. We then read the graph and saw that the majority of the class like the color red. We then hung the graphs up in our classroom.

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